Dynotag Smart Tag™ QR codes used at Seattle Cultural Festival reveals trends.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dynotag Smart Tag™ QR codes used at Seattle Cultural Festival reveals trends.

Turkfest 2011 is one of a series of cultural events held in the Seattle Center. This year’s event took place on October 15-16 in the Seattle Center House

About 60 dynotags were used for the festival.

For main stage activities held during the two days of the festival, 30 dynotags were printed in poster format, in chronological order, describing each event, such as this one. These sheets were then bound as a poster size (2×3 ft) flip chart of dynotag QR images and simply removed one at a time as the events progressed on the center stage.

Additionally, 60 more 8.5x11inch letter size dynotags were created in “retail” mode, which enables printing of unbounded placeholder dynotags ahead of time – and bind them to a real dynotag later on, as needed. This made it possible to walk around on the show floor, armed with an iPad2 and a stack of pre-printed dynotag sheets such as this one.  We visited booths and festival desks to create purpose specific dynotag sheet right on the spot, typically in less than a minute.

Because owners of dynotags have instant access to usage statistics and individual access records of all their tags, we were able to tally the tag statistics soon after the festival concluded.

The rankings of the top 30 tags are as follows.

Rank % Dynotag address Contents overview

1 21.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/BT Events Program (multiple instances of same dynotag is posted)

2 14.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/L748 Dynotag QR on event poster dynotag on event poster

3 13.9% dynotag.com/TF2011/CJ Pasha Grill  (food booth, outside venue)

4 12.7% dynotag.com/L448 Event Description, used in brochures

5 5.8% dynotag.com/TF2011/CD Goodies Med Market  (booth)

6 4.9% dynotag.com/TF2011/N Anadolu Youth Dancers

7 4.6% dynotag.com/TF2011/BA Turkish Coffee  (booth)

8 4.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/A Anadolu Folk Dancers

9 3.8% dynotag.com/TF2011/B9 TACCI  (booth)

10 3.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/CB Cultural Links USA  (booth)

11 2.6% dynotag.com/TF2011/DA Midye Dolma Recipe (Ms. Pinar Ozhal’s booth)

12 2.3% dynotag.com/TF2011/M Sehr-iSeattle

13 2.3% dynotag.com/TF2011/C Black Sea Dances by Anadolu Folk Dancers

14 2.3% dynotag.com/TF2011/BC Byblos Deli  (booth)

15 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/CL What is simit  (booth)

16 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/C4 Coffee Fortune Telling (booth)

17 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/BE Filiz Kocoglu  (booth)

18 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/B7 UW Turkic Studies  (booth)

19 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/P Turkish Folk Dances: Troupe de Soleil

20 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/L Folk Dances from Edirne, Thrace

21 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/H Ahmet Erdogdular Ensemble

22 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/CR Shirvan Rugs  (booth)

23 1.4% dynotag.com/TF2011/CF Pacific Science Center Private Events  (booth)

24 1.4% dynotag.com/TF2011/4 Anadolu Youth Dancers (different event)

25 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/K Bulgarian Folk Music: Group Alexander Eppler

26 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/E Zeybek Dance

27 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/CX Turkish Philantrophy Fund  (booth)

28 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/AC Songs from Azerbaijan

29 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/A8 Belly Dancing by Asiya Nourouz

30 0.9% dynotag.com/TF2011/X Turkish Cultural Foundation (booth)

The results confirm some common sense expectations as well as revealing interesting characteristics of strategic placement of  dynotags impressions across the show floor.

Not surprisingly, #1 dynotag is the “Events Program”. People had been interested in finding out what show is coming on when  – and we had half a dozen copies of the event program posted near entrances and show floor display panels.

Same with #2  – the dynotag on the event poster had been published before the show so those impressions were collected for a longer time period.

#3 is an interesting one. This dynotag image was posted in the food area outside the Center House building and long lines formed during the peak lunch period. This dynotag was scanned considerably more often than other booths partially it presented the opportunity to scan it while people were waiting in line. Lesson: Placement  of the dynotag image is key.

#4 is a description of the festival event used in the brochures printed prior to the event, so it had a longer time to collect impressions.

#5 Goodies Mediterranean Market had excellent corner booth placement and a large variety of food with free samples, etc. – so they had quite a buzz going throughout the event.

The remaining events tag rankings are in line with expectations, providing a mosaic of the better-received festival shows and booth presentations.

All the tag links shown in the table are genuine addresses for those dynotags – so you can peek into them while reading this document.

Dynotags were well received at the show by a wide demographic of users.  While many smartphone owners were comfortable scanning the dynotag QR images, several others learned about how to use this neat capability on their smartphones.

The vendors exhibiting at the booths were very pleased with the functionality and the ease of deploying a dynotag sheet for their office.  Many vendors took the dynotag sheets to use at their businesses after the festival.

We are expecting to sponsor events like this throughout the country and overseas.

As QR code use continues to boom – we expect event planners and vendors to become more comfortable with using the free Dynotag Smart Tag™ service, giving them flexibility, convenience and eliminating unnecessary material printing costs. Furthermore, real-time dynotag usage data sheds light into what asset placement works and which messages promote  customer interest, helping the dynotag owner to dynamically adjust content to achieve best possible outcome.

With dynotag, applications are limited by your imagination only and there are as many small business use cases as there are personal use cases.

More use cases and templates will be available via help.dynotag.com over time.