Every Day is First Repsonders Appreciation Day!

First-Responders-AppreciationIt is strange that there is no National Recognition day for First Responders. It appears there are competing resolutions from U.S. Senate and the House for October 28 and September 27 – but the initiatives are stalled. Meanwhile, these heroes go about their work every day, often selflessly risking life and limb, going beyond the call of duty.

Short and simple: They are heroes our communities depend on every day!

At Dynotag we believe every day is a First Responders Appreciation day…  To put action behind words, we created a program to provide EVERY First Responder in the U.S. with a Dynotag Emergency MedID Smart Tag.

First Responders
Simply visit ThankFirstResponders.com to request your free tag.

Know any first responders? Friends at the local Emergency Room, the Firehouse or the local Police office?  Refer them to ThankFirstResponders.com – they certainly will appreciate your gesture.

According to our friends at the Change.org petition initiative firstrespondersday.org
  • A fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds
  • On average, 100 firefighters die in the line of duty each year.
  • An estimated 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year.
  • Emergency Medical Services personnel treat 22 million patients a year.

We urge all ours friends to sign the petition and help our First Responders get the day of recognition they deserve!

New Life and New SuperPetTag for Fiona!


Through our ShelterAngel charity program, we send free Dynotag SuperPetTags to good people who adopt from pet shelters. All we ask for is the story for the adoption and a couple photos. We find this recent exchange about “Fiona” particularly heartwarming:

C.R. wrote:

I’ve always been a cat person, but sadly, my ex-husband took our cats in the divorce, and my new boyfriend is allergic. So I started Googling “cat-like dogs” and one of the breeds that came up was basenji. The central coast of California, where I relocated to be near my boyfriend, is not prime basenji territory; it would be a long drive to LA or beyond to find one to adopt. I checked several local shelters, looking for a dog that would meet the criteria set by me and my reluctant landlady: adult, mellow, quiet, and friendly with other dogs since my workplace welcomes canines.

At the third shelter, I saw a 16-pound tan dog called Harmony. They said she was a chihuahua mix, about 4 years old. I was far from sure, but thought she might be the one, so I called my boyfriend to meet her. He agreed, and I filled out the paperwork to take her home. We renamed her Fiona, and have since learned a few things about her: she’s part basenji (and probably dachshund, terrier and something else), she almost never barks (only four times in two months), she’d never seen stairs before, and she’s really about 6 years old. She’s also become very devoted to me, which is endearing and also a little scary. I’m glad she’s part of my life.

Fiona looks so happy and content – we are glad you found each other – and are happy we could be a part of this beautiful story…

Did you adopt a pet from a shelter? Do you know someone who has or is thinking about it?  Let them know about our ShelterAngel charity program so we can send them a FREE Super Pet Tag also.

A Drone Story

At Dynotag, our user community continues to excite us with stories of innovative uses.

Recently,  Tom F. of Naperville, Ill. was the hero of an unusual recovery mission.

While enjoying the beautiful outdoors, Tom noticed an odd object by the water. Getting closer, he realized it was a nice drone. It appeared to have crash landed but relatively intact.

Crash Landing Site

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a DJI Phantom Quadcopter – with camera and all intact.

Tom noticed an unusual sticker – a dynotag with a QR code, a web address and short but sweet instructions: “To CONTACT OWNER Scan QR Code or Visit Web Address

After a few emails back and forth, Tom was able to get the Drone back to David B. – the owner! Needless to say, David was happy with the recovery and commenced with repairs ASAP.   His preparation for the worst by applying dynotag tough sticker on the drone had paid off!

David, the rightful owner

Having done the good deed, Tom contacted us at dynotag and shared the unusual episode. He had not noticed the Good Samaritan Rewards program – but it was our privilege to inform him – and set him up with his own complimentary set of dynotags in appreciation of his good deed.

Kudos to David for being prepared! Without the dynotag sticker, that drone would likely have been lost forever. And of course, thank you, Tom and all the good samaritans out there for helping lost belongings return home.

We hear a lot of happy recovery stories this unusual one was worth noting… 🙂

Your friends at Dynotag

If you want to recover it, dynotag it!