Airlines Are Banning Smart Luggage Tags – Dynotags Are Not Affected…

An alarming increase in the number of smoke and fire incidents on airlines from passengers’ malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries is causing concern among safety and aviation experts. Because all sorts of gadgets are powered with these batteries, they are a cause of increasing risk in aviation while all other aviation risks are decreasing over time.

According to the FAA, the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries present in the luggage pose a fire threat in cargo areas.  After all that happened in recent years with Samsung Note 7, Hoverboards and various devices (chargers, laptops, music players,  etc.) there is consensus on the root cause:  Lithium-ion batteries.  Once ignited, these battery fires are extremely difficult to extinguish and require specific firefighting procedures.

At the recommendation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a host of airlines—including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, and Hawaiian Airlines—have announced that high-tech luggage and luggage tags with embedded batteries won’t be allowed on flights due to safety concerns.  It is expected that all major carriers will adopt this policy to reduce risk of incidents.

However, Dynotag Web/Location Enabled Smart Tags are not affected from this ban, as they do not contain any batteries or electronics.   All dynotags keep their information and programming logic in the Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) – making the physical tags maintenance-free.

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Dynotag voted “Best Inexpensive Luggage Tracking Tag”

Dynotag Smart Tags top the rankings for most capable & affordable property tags once again!

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Dynotag IDKIT-070 has achieved a rank of #2 in for 2016’s best luggage trackers and is a  top choice for inexpensive luggage trackers!

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The rankings review can be viewed here:

Dynotag QR Code Smart Tags: Luggage Tags 2.0

 Between airports, trains, and hotels, our luggage is as well-traveled as we are.  Standing by a luggage carousel, watching a line of suitcases wind past is an experience that induces stress and paranoia in even the most seasoned travelers.

On a Christmas cruise to the Eastern Carribbean, Houston natives Richard and Cathy Schauffler used Dynotag luggage tags and mini tags to break the mold and label their luggage with unique dynotags.

“The tags have our contact information, so if they were lost or mixed up with someone else’s luggage, we would have had a much easier time getting them back,” says Cathy.  “Plus, the luggage tags are distinct so we could find our luggage really fast.”

Anyone who has lost their luggage, gym bag, or laptop understands the importance of accurately labeling your stuff.  Sometimes luggage doesn’t make a connection, laptop bags are accidentally switched, and gym bags can get lost in the shuffle.  Dynotags are a savvy way to label your stuff and update your information as it changes.

A dynotag is a label that uses Internet-enabled QR Smart Tag technology to store information about the tag owner.  Users can upload an unlimited amount of data to the tag, and the tag can be edited for free for the lifetime of the product.

Visit Dynotag’s Amazon storefront to see the collection of dynotags.