Dynotag makes digital tagging free and accessible for consumers.

Each dynotag Smart Tag has its own unique QR code, URL, and associated content, stored securely and reliably by Dynotag. The contents of any dynotag can be securely updated by its owner using a web browser. A virtually unlimited amount of information can be stored in dynotags, in a variety of formats ranging from simple text to PDF documents, audio, compressed zip files, etc.

Different Types of dynotags are available for various purposes, such as property tags, pet tags, personal ID tags, web pointer tags, file upload tags, notepad tags and other types designed by the users as needed.

dynotag.com accounts are free and let users manage all their dynotags in a central place.

For users who want to purchase high quality, professionally prepared, dynotag ready products, a variety of products ranging from stickers to Luggage tags to Emergency Contact Info pendants are available at dynotag store and through dynotag partners.

Create your free account now, at dynotag.com

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