Why Properly Tagging Your Luggage is So Important

There’s a lot you need to take care of when traveling.  There’s transportation to and from an airport—if you’re flying—and then you have to worry about tickets and passports.  If you’re traveling with children, they’re probably going to want snacks and toys, and will need to go to the bathroom a lot. There’s packing and driving and a whole host of other obligations that you need to worry about when traveling to another location.  With all else, one of the most important things in all of this is your luggage; and more than one travel-related horror story includes the dreaded phrase: “And then I lost my luggage.”

You never know what may happen – so be prepared!

With all the chaos that can happen during a trip, you need something that can link your bags to you.  Any number of possible scenarios end up with a lost bag, and loss of the items of clothing, toiletry, or souvenirs inside – inconvenient at best!  But with Dynotag Web enabled QR code smart tags, you can help your belongings find their way back home. At such times, It is good to know that Lost&Found offices are required to make a best effort to find the owner of the object.  Dynotag has a solution, enabling you to share the right amount of recovery information at the right time – even after your luggage is lost!  Modern technology has overcome the problem of distance in updating a tag.

Reliable, durable tags…

You can update the contents of any dynotag you own at any time on any modern web browser, including the ones in your smartphone!  You can share the local phone number and address you will be at – and even post a reward if you wish. Dynotag’s Web/GPS assisted QR smart tags can tell you when and where your tag contents are viewed.  A simple scan of the QR code on the tag will effectively link the GPS in a phone to the Dynotag website, enabling you to automatically receive an informational email with a location of where the tag view took place. Ready to use Dynotag Luggage Tags come in a variety of designs and materials to match your needs.  You pick from a variety of colorful laminated synthetic luggage tags – or for frequent travelers, our Round Steel tags with stainless steel braided loops offer battle-ready protection. Dynotags are maintenance free (no batteries, no electronics) and include a lifetime support of rich features.

A wide range of similar products

You may be thinking “With technology like that, there’s all sorts of things you can do!”  You’d be right.  Dynotag doesn’t just offer luggage tags.  In their range of products, they have pet tags that can dispense with wanted posters or late nights yelling into the darkness, business tags that allow a potential client to see your pitch on the spot, or emergency medical tags where you can store contact information in case of a medical situation.

With Dynotag’s products, you can have the peace of mind in knowing you always have a link to your belongings and loved ones, with information you can update any time.  Lost belongings can come back home and loved ones will always have Emergency Information available on them. With the wonders of modern technology, you can check one more item off your list of things to worry about.  So go check dynotags out and get your peace of mind…