Shelter Angel: Free SuperPetTag for adopting a pet!


A FREE Dynotag Super Pet Tag for every shelter pet adopter!

According to ASPCA,  approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, 2.7 million are adopted. At the end, more than 2.5 million animals are put to sleep annually. Without help, the odds are bleak for our animal friends in need!

Adopting from the shelters is the best way to save more animals. Our friends at the Humane Society agree!

As the maker of top-rated Dynotag®  Smart Tags,  we want to help!

Today, we are launching a charity program named “Shelter Angel” – rewarding anyone who adopts an animal from a shelter with a FREE Super Pet Tag !  We want to thank the good people giving our animal friends a second chance –  and help get more animals adopted.

Wearing their brand new SuperPetTag,  adopted animals get a running start at their new home and will be protected should they stray away!  Plus, the owner gets to maintain all the animal related records and information in the SuperPetTag, for life. No subscription needed!

Best of all, there is NO cost to the shelter OR the adopter!  Dynotag sponsors the Shelter Angel program in full – using a part of our Smart Tag sales to cover the Shelter Angel charity.  In other words, every time someone gets a new Dynotag Smart Tag, they are helping the Shelter Angel program!

Participating in the Shelter Angel program is easy:
Simply visit for instructions. We cover recognized Animal Rescue Groups, Shelters, any official organization that can furnish “Adoption” documents to an adopter.  While majority of adoptions will be dogs and cats, we sponsor any animal that can wear a tag.

  • Do you know any friends, neighbors or relatives who are thinking of adopting?
  • Any animals which were adopted in the last month?

Tell them to visit to request their FREE Shelter Angel tag, which comes with a “Thank You!” letter directly from our offices.

Thank you for helping our animal friends in need get a second chance!

Supercharge Your Business Card with a Dynotag!

The versatile – yet secure and easy to use dynotag service can help you to reach your audience in a variety of ways.  One of these is using a dedicated dynotag on your business card. If you wish to have a flexible, effective, and easy to use way to share information about yourself or your business with those you come in contact with every day, this easy to use tool is the perfect solution. More importantly, you can customize your dynotag in various configurations so you are always providing the right information to the right person.

Philip J. Fry Business Card
Philip J. Fry Business Card

What Is Dynotag and How Can It Improve My Business Card?

Dynotag is a web-based Smart Tag service – which you can add to your standard business card layout – which you can prepare yourself online using a service like or – or just have your local business printer do it for you. Simply create your  your private, unique dynotag and place on the business card as described in this article.

Once you have your new supercharged business cards, you can enjoy the following benefits right away:

  • Update the contents of your dynotag at any time!  Provide simple text, or a picture, a document – even a set of documents if you wish!
  • Evolve with the times – add to your portfolio, achievements, new photos
  • Receive an email notification every time your business card dynotag is accessed. If you wish, you can even get the location viewing the tag!
  • Make an impression as someone who knows how to use the technology effectively!

How Can it Help My Business Card Usage?

How often do you hand your business card to someone and tell them to call you? Perhaps you have a website listed on your card that you put a lot of time and effort into and you hope that people will visit it to learn more about your product, service, or even just about you, but you know they simply will not sit down to do so? With Dynotag, all they need to do is to scan the code – or visit the web address – and they are presented with all of the information that they need – that you want them to know. Plus, you receive a notification every time your tag is viewed!  Simple.  Effective. Impressive!

Use Your Business Card Dynotag in your Email Signature!

Think of every email you send as a business card presentation opportunity!  Would it not be great to simply add your business card dynotag to the email signature section as a web address – and get all the benefits of handing a business card, even access notification if the tag is viewed?  Now that’s useful!    Here is a sample  email signature block for Mr. Philip J. Fry

Philip J. Fry - Pistachio Expert Extraordinaire
a: 2233 East Pike Street, #579Seattle, WA 98122-3934
p: +1.800.GREENUT

Think Outside The Box!

You can link potential clients to your online portfolio so they can see what you really can offer. You can link them to your curriculum vitae or resume. You can link them to customer testimonials you have. Link them to a presentation about your product or service. Provide them with additional information that fits your needs.  Update your business card when you are attending a convention or prior to an important meeting!

You get only a few seconds to provide potential clients or business owners (or even hiring managers) with information about you. With this simple addition to your business card, though, you allow them to take all of the information you want them to have and use with them. They can easily scan the QR code from any smartphone or visit the unique tag address on their computer and learn as much as they want about your company and your services. This is a tool that you can continue to customize to meet your needs – so these may be the last business cards you need!

Why Properly Tagging Your Luggage is So Important

There’s a lot you need to take care of when traveling.  There’s transportation to and from an airport—if you’re flying—and then you have to worry about tickets and passports.  If you’re traveling with children, they’re probably going to want snacks and toys, and will need to go to the bathroom a lot. There’s packing and driving and a whole host of other obligations that you need to worry about when traveling to another location.  With all else, one of the most important things in all of this is your luggage; and more than one travel-related horror story includes the dreaded phrase: “And then I lost my luggage.”

You never know what may happen – so be prepared!

With all the chaos that can happen during a trip, you need something that can link your bags to you.  Any number of possible scenarios end up with a lost bag, and loss of the items of clothing, toiletry, or souvenirs inside – inconvenient at best!  But with Dynotag Web enabled QR code smart tags, you can help your belongings find their way back home. At such times, It is good to know that Lost&Found offices are required to make a best effort to find the owner of the object.  Dynotag has a solution, enabling you to share the right amount of recovery information at the right time – even after your luggage is lost!  Modern technology has overcome the problem of distance in updating a tag.

Reliable, durable tags…

You can update the contents of any dynotag you own at any time on any modern web browser, including the ones in your smartphone!  You can share the local phone number and address you will be at – and even post a reward if you wish. Dynotag’s Web/GPS assisted QR smart tags can tell you when and where your tag contents are viewed.  A simple scan of the QR code on the tag will effectively link the GPS in a phone to the Dynotag website, enabling you to automatically receive an informational email with a location of where the tag view took place. Ready to use Dynotag Luggage Tags come in a variety of designs and materials to match your needs.  You pick from a variety of colorful laminated synthetic luggage tags – or for frequent travelers, our Round Steel tags with stainless steel braided loops offer battle-ready protection. Dynotags are maintenance free (no batteries, no electronics) and include a lifetime support of rich features.

A wide range of similar products

You may be thinking “With technology like that, there’s all sorts of things you can do!”  You’d be right.  Dynotag doesn’t just offer luggage tags.  In their range of products, they have pet tags that can dispense with wanted posters or late nights yelling into the darkness, business tags that allow a potential client to see your pitch on the spot, or emergency medical tags where you can store contact information in case of a medical situation.

With Dynotag’s products, you can have the peace of mind in knowing you always have a link to your belongings and loved ones, with information you can update any time.  Lost belongings can come back home and loved ones will always have Emergency Information available on them. With the wonders of modern technology, you can check one more item off your list of things to worry about.  So go check dynotags out and get your peace of mind…

Inventory Just about Anything with Dynotag

How much stuff do you have? How much do you wish you had a running list of things? Would it not be great if you could write the usage instructions on every item you have? What if every asset had a log book users could write notes into?

If you are looking for a way not only to create an inventory list but also a way for you to take that list with you anywhere, share it with anyone you would like to, and add to or adjust the list at any time, then Dynotag can help. This simple to use tool is one of the easiest ways for you to get organized and improve communications. You can use it at home for any type of inventory you need to have. Use it at work or on the job to help you to stay organized.

How Do Dynotags Work?

A dynotag is a smart tag that you can attach to anything. When you scan the QR code, or visit the unique web address, you are able to access the related information on any web browser. What you will see when you do this with your computer or your smartphone is the information about that specific item in the list you’ve created. In short, you can store just about any type of information on ta dynotag smart tag. You have instant access to the information with a simple scan via your phone, using your favorite free QR scanner app, such as the neoreader. Dynotags are web based – so no special application is needed and any web browser can be used to manage and view the smart tags.

Dynotag Is the Perfect Small Inventory Tool!

Let’s say you are taking inventory of the supplies you have. You could write them on paper stickers but making changes is not easy to do. You could add this information to a computer file, but it is no longer as portable as you need it to be. With Dynotag, you get the flexibility you need no matter what you need to inventory, without confusing process and software. Here are some examples of use:

  • Use it to track the equipment in your office – put tips, instructions and maintenance log right on the tag
  • Use it to inventory materials for a construction project – put assembly and use instructions right on the tag
  • Use it to inventory and manage gym equipment – maintenance instructions / logs on the tag
  • Inventory your music equipment, with special maintenance tips right on the tag
  • Use it for departmental asset organization and tracking
  • Use it to manage your restaurant’s major equipment inventory – with instructions and log right on the tag.
  • Inventory your office supplies – put dynotags on the supply shelf outlining replenishment instructions
  • Use it in a museum setting to provide extensive information to visitors re. items displayed

So – dynotags allow you to provide quick access to your item information to anyone you want. As the owner you (and only you) can make changes as often as you need to and even from your smartphone. Others can view the information you update, viewing the latest information on the tag. It allows you to manage information over time and without having to reapply stickers and tags – one tag is used for the life of the item.

You can define groups and gather related items/tags together making it easy for you to manage. When you need to see all the data, you can even download your entire inventory as an Excel compatible spreadsheet.

Because dynotags are so easy to use, they can be one of the simplest ways for you to improve your company’s bottom line through better asset management without having to invest in complicated inventory management systems.

To make asset tracking stickers easy and economical in larger numbers, Dynotag offers the “bulk activated” business products – which come in the more economical “silver” level which has all the core capabilities needed for asset management – and can be activated in bulk – up to 36 stickers at a time – to make the process easier. Any silver level tags can be upgraded if needed to add even more capabilities (such as automatic access notification emails). Check them out under “business products” at the dynotag online store.

Benefits of An Emergency Contact Info Pendant

Caring for a loved one – or yourself – with a serious medical condition can be a stressful thing.  If a seizure hits, or there is a slip and fall, it can be hard to know what to do to help. Dynotag has a solution.  They’ve created a GPS assisted QR Smart Tag, which they have applied to a number of excellent, durable products to help give you peace of mind.  Their Emergency Contact Info Pendants offer an easy way to be prepared for potential emergency situations.

Easy, secure emergency contact information

The Emergency Contact Info Pendant comes in both a card form for a wallet and a pendant to be worn around the neck or wrist.  It bears a unique web address that works on any browser, and a QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone,  linked to an electronic copy of the person’s emergency contact information.  Not only can the user include names, numbers, and photographs, but  rich documents – such as MS Word documents edited and uploaded by user – can be added to offer detailed  information to anyone who offers assistance. Best of all, the owner can update these documents at any time and keep them up to date. Others can only view the info the owner decided to share.

GPS locator functionality

Not only does the emergency info tag help those nearby, but it can also notify the people designated as emergency contacts as to when the tag was viewed – as well as providing precise location information of the view when the viewer shares it.  Smartphones always have location information available.  When a smartphone views the dynotag, the Dynotag Cloud Service requests location information from that device owner – and passes the location information shared in the automatic “view notification” email as a clickable Google map link.

Versatility, reliability and sleek design

It can be a hassle to carry around a bulky first-response device, but Dynotag’s purpose-built Emergency Contact Info products have a sleek yet visible design.  Without any batteries to drain and electronics to break, the card form can fit comfortably in a wallet with credit cards or business cards, and the pendant version can be worn with anything from a bit of string to a fine chain.  These have been designed to fit comfortably and non-obtrusively into daily life. There even are charm bracelet versions available to be worn on the wrist, either using the provided adjustable wrist chain or by attaching to your favorite jewelry using its lobster clasp – the choice is yours. Same technology is also available in several other forms, ranging from a one-size-fits-all velcro wristband to  a ready-to wear t-shirt for kids, featuring a friendly mascot providing instructions to emergency responders.

Similar peace of mind products

Not only has Dynotag produced a medical emergency product, but they’ve also developed a wide range of products to keep the rest of your life safe. They have everything from pet tags to business tags, from property recovery to luggage tags.  Each utilizes this same technology to bring you peace of mind in every aspect of life, with NO subscription needed. Dynotags are good for a lifetime of service.

So don’t wait, as life has a bad habit of throwing unexpected emergencies at us at any time. You can always be prepared with a dynotag.

If, in fact, if there is an emergency that renders you or a loved one unconscious or unable to communicate, you want to make sure that the correct medical care can be given. Not getting the proper care can lead to further injury and maybe even death. If there is not a physical malady, it is hard for medical personnel to know exactly what is wrong. An emergency information dynotag may be the only way to give the proper people the proper information at the right time. Talk to your doctor to discuss the information that needs to be included on your dynotag Emergency Contact Information Tag and what product(s) would work best for you – pendant, wristband – bracelet – wallet card… The choice is yours!

Moving / unpacking made easier with dynotags!

Moving can be a hassle. Packing all those boxes, labeling them, then moving them into your new place or into storage is very time consuming and confusing.

Dynotag is here to help! You can use our unique ready to use sticker sets to list the contents of the boxes and even upload a photo of the contents into the dynotag sticker.  Especially if you are moving long distance and have hired a professional mover, boxes can easily get shuffled and after a few weeks, it is tough to remember which box contains what.

Our Web/Location Enabled QR Smart stickers are maintenance free, waterproof/weatherproof, tough, come with permanent adhesive and are easy to apply. You get three 36-sticker block activated unique sticker sets. You activate each block once to add them to your account. You get 108 unique stickers enabling you to label not only boxes, but furniture and other household items for your move!

You are probably thinking you need to be tech savvy and this is a lot of work just to label some boxes. Not so! From personal experience I can tell you that moving is the worst! Packing up your life in boxes is easy. You feel accomplished when you are done packing and ready to go. The comes the hard part; unpacking! At that point – all the boxes look alike and it is frustrating to remember what is in which box. Labeling the boxes with dynotags is easy once you do the first couple boxes.

Once you activate your dynotags using the activation code included in the package, they become yours. As the owner, you can update tag contents any time over the web and even secure information using a password if you wish. Sign into your dynotag account to view detailed access records of your tag and even see the tag view accesses in your tag’s access log and on a map. Any device viewing the tag content is requested by Dynotag service to report its location. Smartphones have detailed awareness of their location at all times, with GPS assist and other location services. So if a box is misplaced, its dynotag can even help it to safely come back home!

Using dynotags can be a time saver and help keep your sanity during the move. Unpacking is stressful, but when you know exactly where everything is, you will be more in control and at ease.

Visit us at for more information on our other products, buy tags and create a free dynotag account to securely keep your dynotags for life!