Shelter Angel: Free SuperPetTag for adopting a pet!


A FREE Dynotag Super Pet Tag for every shelter pet adopter!

According to ASPCA,  approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, 2.7 million are adopted. At the end, more than 2.5 million animals are put to sleep annually. Without help, the odds are bleak for our animal friends in need!

Adopting from the shelters is the best way to save more animals. Our friends at the Humane Society agree!

As the maker of top-rated Dynotag®  Smart Tags,  we want to help!

Today, we are launching a charity program named “Shelter Angel” – rewarding anyone who adopts an animal from a shelter with a FREE Super Pet Tag !  We want to thank the good people giving our animal friends a second chance –  and help get more animals adopted.

Wearing their brand new SuperPetTag,  adopted animals get a running start at their new home and will be protected should they stray away!  Plus, the owner gets to maintain all the animal related records and information in the SuperPetTag, for life. No subscription needed!

Best of all, there is NO cost to the shelter OR the adopter!  Dynotag sponsors the Shelter Angel program in full – using a part of our Smart Tag sales to cover the Shelter Angel charity.  In other words, every time someone gets a new Dynotag Smart Tag, they are helping the Shelter Angel program!

Participating in the Shelter Angel program is easy:
Simply visit for instructions. We cover recognized Animal Rescue Groups, Shelters, any official organization that can furnish “Adoption” documents to an adopter.  While majority of adoptions will be dogs and cats, we sponsor any animal that can wear a tag.

  • Do you know any friends, neighbors or relatives who are thinking of adopting?
  • Any animals which were adopted in the last month?

Tell them to visit to request their FREE Shelter Angel tag, which comes with a “Thank You!” letter directly from our offices.

Thank you for helping our animal friends in need get a second chance!