SuperPetTag: An Internet of Things (IoT) Tag for Your Pet!

Internet of Things (IoT) – is quite a buzzword these days. That’s fine, but how can it improve our everyday life?  Do we really need a talking backpack or shoes?  The novelty usually wears out as soon as we realize many of these devices need tinkering with configuration, ongoing maintenance of finicky electronics and meticulously topped-off batteries – as dead batteries means dead IoT device and – no IoT service! In many cases, there is also an ongoing subscription fee involved – and the story loses appeal quickly.

However, there are IoT products that quietly deliver a reliable, affordable solution today – and – Good news: Resilient and maintenance-free, Dynotag Smart Tags are (and have always been) IoT devices powered by Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) IoT system.

Blue Slider with tennis ballOne of our most popular offerings over the years,  innovative Dynotag Smart Pet Tags have been the choice of savvy pet owners everywhere. We have been listening to our users and constantly improving our offerings, introducing  several new pet tag designs for pets of all sizes and energy level. On the software side, we  recently announced the SuperPetTag capability – a huge leap in the capabilities of our already impressive Smart Pet Tags.

In a nutshell, SuperPetTag (User Guide hereadds the capability of a general purpose File Cabinet to every Pet Tag – enabling you to maintain your pet’s Vaccination Records, Lab Test and Medication Records, Medical Procedure Records and any other information you deem relevant – all in one place – in your pet’s dynotag smart tag! Furthermore, we provide the basic template documents for you to use as a starting point for your recordkeeping. It is a complete pet information maintenance system kept in your pet tag!

Because all the data and files are kept by the Dynotag Cloud Service – the information stays with you even if the physical tag on your pet is lost or damaged!   Simply get another dynotag pet tag, and set it up as a clone of the original dynotag.  Behind the scenes, for added reliability, Dynotag Cloud Service even keeps multiple copies of your information to guard against data loss.

Amazingly, SuperPetTag capability in our pet tags still comes with lifetime subscription included!

Even more amazingly, all existing Dynotag Pet Tags are automatically upgraded with SuperPetTag  file cabinet capability.  No additional purchase is needed!

Do you have any pets? Got friends with pets? Do yourself and your friends a favor – get them a Dynotag SuperPetTag here…

Are you a shelter? Veterinary practice? Pet Service?  – contact our partner team  to arrange for your customized  Private Label SuperPetTags in bulk!