International Airport Baggage Trivia

According to IATA, In 2015, global air travel increased at its fastest pace after 2010. Flights are full, airports are busy and when the traffic increases – so does the rate of luggage mishaps.
We know our baggage can get misrouted or lost any time it is not within our sight. In many ways, your stuff is more likely to get lost during shuttle bus transfers, hotel/cruise transfers than an airport. Once your baggage gets the airline’s tracking at ticketing, it enters it into the airline’s automated tracking system – and that is a good thing because increasing standardization and automation has reduced baggage mishandling. However, baggage still can get misrouted and unfortunately, lost…
The following graphic shows some interesting facts:
  • Larger airports are more likely to mishandle your luggage
  • Almost half the mishandling is “Transfer Mishandling” – meaning that any time you are not non-stop to your destination, your luggage risks getting mis-transferred – even if it was loaded on your departing flight properly.
  • A full 17% of the mishandlings is “Failure to load” on your original flight. You can help your luck by checking your luggage in at least an hour in advance.
  • Given 4.2% of bags were lost or stolen – it makes sense to have an ID tag on the luggage as well as in the luggage, in case the outside one is removed.
The good news is mishandled bags per thousand airline passengers is down to 8.83, which is a considerable improvement. However, once you leave the airport, you are on your own – but your dynotags will continue to be on the job, should your luggage stray away before you get to your destination.
Prior to travel, we suggest you check the dynotags attached to your belongings to make sure:
  • The tags are in good operational shape and their loop is secure (a drop of glue makes the loop permanent). Remember all dynotags come with a full year warranty.
  • The information on the dynotag is current.
  • The information on the dynotag is minimal. You can always sign in to your dynotag account on your smartphone or tablet/laptop and update your tag’s content even – when it is out of sight. Keep your personal information hidden until needed.
  • Your dynotag has reward information is in place.  Do not forget to offer dynotag’s good samaritan rewards on your tag – it is free for dynotag owners and incentivizes recovery of your property!
Safe Travels!