Supercharge Your Business Card with a Dynotag!

The versatile – yet secure and easy to use dynotag service can help you to reach your audience in a variety of ways.  One of these is using a dedicated dynotag on your business card. If you wish to have a flexible, effective, and easy to use way to share information about yourself or your business with those you come in contact with every day, this easy to use tool is the perfect solution. More importantly, you can customize your dynotag in various configurations so you are always providing the right information to the right person.

Philip J. Fry Business Card
Philip J. Fry Business Card

What Is Dynotag and How Can It Improve My Business Card?

Dynotag is a web-based Smart Tag service – which you can add to your standard business card layout – which you can prepare yourself online using a service like or – or just have your local business printer do it for you. Simply create your  your private, unique dynotag and place on the business card as described in this article.

Once you have your new supercharged business cards, you can enjoy the following benefits right away:

  • Update the contents of your dynotag at any time!  Provide simple text, or a picture, a document – even a set of documents if you wish!
  • Evolve with the times – add to your portfolio, achievements, new photos
  • Receive an email notification every time your business card dynotag is accessed. If you wish, you can even get the location viewing the tag!
  • Make an impression as someone who knows how to use the technology effectively!

How Can it Help My Business Card Usage?

How often do you hand your business card to someone and tell them to call you? Perhaps you have a website listed on your card that you put a lot of time and effort into and you hope that people will visit it to learn more about your product, service, or even just about you, but you know they simply will not sit down to do so? With Dynotag, all they need to do is to scan the code – or visit the web address – and they are presented with all of the information that they need – that you want them to know. Plus, you receive a notification every time your tag is viewed!  Simple.  Effective. Impressive!

Use Your Business Card Dynotag in your Email Signature!

Think of every email you send as a business card presentation opportunity!  Would it not be great to simply add your business card dynotag to the email signature section as a web address – and get all the benefits of handing a business card, even access notification if the tag is viewed?  Now that’s useful!    Here is a sample  email signature block for Mr. Philip J. Fry

Philip J. Fry - Pistachio Expert Extraordinaire
a: 2233 East Pike Street, #579Seattle, WA 98122-3934
p: +1.800.GREENUT

Think Outside The Box!

You can link potential clients to your online portfolio so they can see what you really can offer. You can link them to your curriculum vitae or resume. You can link them to customer testimonials you have. Link them to a presentation about your product or service. Provide them with additional information that fits your needs.  Update your business card when you are attending a convention or prior to an important meeting!

You get only a few seconds to provide potential clients or business owners (or even hiring managers) with information about you. With this simple addition to your business card, though, you allow them to take all of the information you want them to have and use with them. They can easily scan the QR code from any smartphone or visit the unique tag address on their computer and learn as much as they want about your company and your services. This is a tool that you can continue to customize to meet your needs – so these may be the last business cards you need!