Airlines Are Banning Smart Luggage Tags – Dynotags Are Not Affected…

An alarming increase in the number of smoke and fire incidents on airlines from passengers’ malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries is causing concern among safety and aviation experts. Because all sorts of gadgets are powered with these batteries, they are a cause of increasing risk in aviation while all other aviation risks are decreasing over time.

According to the FAA, the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries present in the luggage pose a fire threat in cargo areas.  After all that happened in recent years with Samsung Note 7, Hoverboards and various devices (chargers, laptops, music players,  etc.) there is consensus on the root cause:  Lithium-ion batteries.  Once ignited, these battery fires are extremely difficult to extinguish and require specific firefighting procedures.

At the recommendation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a host of airlines—including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta, and Hawaiian Airlines—have announced that high-tech luggage and luggage tags with embedded batteries won’t be allowed on flights due to safety concerns.  It is expected that all major carriers will adopt this policy to reduce risk of incidents.

However, Dynotag Web/Location Enabled Smart Tags are not affected from this ban, as they do not contain any batteries or electronics.   All dynotags keep their information and programming logic in the Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) – making the physical tags maintenance-free.

Source: JetSetter, Consumer Reports, BatteryUniversity, ICC Compliance Center





Dynotag voted “Best Inexpensive Luggage Tracking Tag”

Dynotag Smart Tags top the rankings for most capable & affordable property tags once again!

Founded in 2011, to perform independent tech reviews, Ezvid Wiki was the world’s first video wiki, and is now among the top 4,000 websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel alone has over 100,000 subscribers.

The Wiki does not accept any paid sponsorships from brands so the reviews are unbiased.

Dynotag IDKIT-070 has achieved a rank of #2 in for 2016’s best luggage trackers and is a  top choice for inexpensive luggage trackers!

Compiled with thirty-two hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published in their luggage category, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of luggage tracker options available to consumers in the United States.

The rankings review can be viewed here:

SuperPetTag: An Internet of Things (IoT) Tag for Your Pet!

Internet of Things (IoT) – is quite a buzzword these days. That’s fine, but how can it improve our everyday life?  Do we really need a talking backpack or shoes?  The novelty usually wears out as soon as we realize many of these devices need tinkering with configuration, ongoing maintenance of finicky electronics and meticulously topped-off batteries – as dead batteries means dead IoT device and – no IoT service! In many cases, there is also an ongoing subscription fee involved – and the story loses appeal quickly.

However, there are IoT products that quietly deliver a reliable, affordable solution today – and – Good news: Resilient and maintenance-free, Dynotag Smart Tags are (and have always been) IoT devices powered by Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) IoT system.

Blue Slider with tennis ballOne of our most popular offerings over the years,  innovative Dynotag Smart Pet Tags have been the choice of savvy pet owners everywhere. We have been listening to our users and constantly improving our offerings, introducing  several new pet tag designs for pets of all sizes and energy level. On the software side, we  recently announced the SuperPetTag capability – a huge leap in the capabilities of our already impressive Smart Pet Tags.

In a nutshell, SuperPetTag (User Guide hereadds the capability of a general purpose File Cabinet to every Pet Tag – enabling you to maintain your pet’s Vaccination Records, Lab Test and Medication Records, Medical Procedure Records and any other information you deem relevant – all in one place – in your pet’s dynotag smart tag! Furthermore, we provide the basic template documents for you to use as a starting point for your recordkeeping. It is a complete pet information maintenance system kept in your pet tag!

Because all the data and files are kept by the Dynotag Cloud Service – the information stays with you even if the physical tag on your pet is lost or damaged!   Simply get another dynotag pet tag, and set it up as a clone of the original dynotag.  Behind the scenes, for added reliability, Dynotag Cloud Service even keeps multiple copies of your information to guard against data loss.

Amazingly, SuperPetTag capability in our pet tags still comes with lifetime subscription included!

Even more amazingly, all existing Dynotag Pet Tags are automatically upgraded with SuperPetTag  file cabinet capability.  No additional purchase is needed!

Do you have any pets? Got friends with pets? Do yourself and your friends a favor – get them a Dynotag SuperPetTag here…

Are you a shelter? Veterinary practice? Pet Service?  – contact our partner team  to arrange for your customized  Private Label SuperPetTags in bulk!




International Airport Baggage Trivia

According to IATA, In 2015, global air travel increased at its fastest pace after 2010. Flights are full, airports are busy and when the traffic increases – so does the rate of luggage mishaps.
We know our baggage can get misrouted or lost any time it is not within our sight. In many ways, your stuff is more likely to get lost during shuttle bus transfers, hotel/cruise transfers than an airport. Once your baggage gets the airline’s tracking at ticketing, it enters it into the airline’s automated tracking system – and that is a good thing because increasing standardization and automation has reduced baggage mishandling. However, baggage still can get misrouted and unfortunately, lost…
The following graphic shows some interesting facts:
  • Larger airports are more likely to mishandle your luggage
  • Almost half the mishandling is “Transfer Mishandling” – meaning that any time you are not non-stop to your destination, your luggage risks getting mis-transferred – even if it was loaded on your departing flight properly.
  • A full 17% of the mishandlings is “Failure to load” on your original flight. You can help your luck by checking your luggage in at least an hour in advance.
  • Given 4.2% of bags were lost or stolen – it makes sense to have an ID tag on the luggage as well as in the luggage, in case the outside one is removed.
The good news is mishandled bags per thousand airline passengers is down to 8.83, which is a considerable improvement. However, once you leave the airport, you are on your own – but your dynotags will continue to be on the job, should your luggage stray away before you get to your destination.
Prior to travel, we suggest you check the dynotags attached to your belongings to make sure:
  • The tags are in good operational shape and their loop is secure (a drop of glue makes the loop permanent). Remember all dynotags come with a full year warranty.
  • The information on the dynotag is current.
  • The information on the dynotag is minimal. You can always sign in to your dynotag account on your smartphone or tablet/laptop and update your tag’s content even – when it is out of sight. Keep your personal information hidden until needed.
  • Your dynotag has reward information is in place.  Do not forget to offer dynotag’s good samaritan rewards on your tag – it is free for dynotag owners and incentivizes recovery of your property!
Safe Travels!

Convertible Smart Tags: Another first from Dynotag®

The most versatile Smart Luggage Tags in the world are here!

When Dynotag® Smart Tags were first offered a couple years ago, they came in a single style: Laminated synthetic material in white. Once they became the best selling Smart Tags of their kind, we expanded our offerings to include a variety of  new styles and sizes to meet our customers’ needs.

We always seek input from our customers – and many of you asked us for a larger metal tag, still with all the capabilities of a dynotag but a able to accommodate a business card when needed – and you wanted them in a variety of colors to be more visible…

And now, we are introducing another first: Convertible Luggage Tags!

Blue Convertible Tag at work.....
Blue Convertible Tag at work on a backpack…

We call them “Convertible” because the same tag can be used in a variety of ways.

  • They are ready to use as soon as you receive them after a simple activation!
  •  If you wish, you can flip the card insert and write your contact information – just like an old fashioned luggage tag (comes in handy if you are traveling to a remote island with no Iternet!)
  • Or, you can insert your business card, logo or favorite photo to display on the “window” side of the tag. The back of the tag can still have the dynotag information – or you can flip that to expose a clean blank metal.

We made then from tough aluminum in variety of eye-catching colors, so you can find one that will show well with your luggage, briefcase or bag.

A tough, braided steel wire loop is included with each tag for secure attachment to your property. A drop of glue in the screw barrel makes the loop closure permanent!

Now available in Ruby Red, Cool Silver, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, Electric Orange, and Midnight Black!

New convertible tag selection from Dynotag!
New convertible tag selection from Dynotag!

When it comes to battle-ready toughness, it is difficult to beat steel… So, again based on user input, we are also introducing two new “Fun Design” Deluxe Steel tags to join our best-selling Black Deluxe Steel Tag!

Tough Steel Deluxe Luggage Tags, In Fun Designs
Tough Steel Deluxe Luggage Tags, In Fun Designs

All ready for immediate delivery…

Why not get some for your luggage and gear before you step out to your next destination? They also make a great travel gift for loved ones!

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and safe travels!


Dynotags are the perfect gift!


Here goes:

  1. Gifting a dynotag shows “You care!”.
    Whether it is a Luggage Tag to help them recover lost property or an Emergency Contact ID  Card Set  to show vital medical and personal information to First Responders,  their dynotag will be there, working for them 7×24.
  2. Dynotags last for life, NO subscription required.
    Don’t you hate it when someone gives you a gift that requires a subscription?
    With personal dynotags there is NO subscription ever and recipients enjoy all the rich, industry leading features of their dynotag for life!.
  3. Dynotags are incredibly affordable and there are so many to choose from!
    We made dynotags very affordable, even though there is NO subscription required. Because dynotags are applicable to so many things in our connected, smartphone centered lives – we built dozens of products to address a variety of needs.  Starting from less than $15 and going up to $100+ in attractively priced “gift bundles” – there is a dynotag that’s right for everyone on your list!
  4. No batteries to replace, ever!  No “special” device requirements! Tough as nails!
    O.K. that’s three things right there – but the point is we build dynotags to be truly useful for the widest population around the planet. What good is a “Smart Tag” if it has a battery that needs tending? Just a matter of time before it would let you down!  In contrast, dynotags have no batteries and anyone with access to a web browser on the planet can use a dynotag!  No “special app” or “latest version of iPhone only” requirements – just a web browser. Also, thanks to the special materials we use in manufacturing, our tags are waterproof, UV proof and having no electronics to break – shockproof.
  5. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Satisfaction guaranteed!
    Unlike chocolates and flowers – a dynotag lasts a lifetime – and they will remember you every time they see that nice tag. And one day – when it comes through for them –  you will be remembered… Fondly…

Our full selection is now available for immediate shipment to you and your loved ones at lightning speed. And if you are an Amazon Prime customer, all our products are in the Prime program – so they ship with free express delivery in two days!.

We look forward to seeing you at our web store

Happy Holidays!

Your friends at Dynotag…

New from Dynotag, just in time for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season!

We love hearing back from our users and are constantly inspired by your ideas and suggestions.  Based on your feedback and requests, we have been busy developing new products, now available for immediate delivery via the Amazon Prime program!

Dynotag now has the most comprehensive line of Smart Tag products with a solid track record and fanatical customer support for our global user base. All Dynotag products feature industry leading features and capabilities – and come with ample tag storage and lifetime support, NO subscription needed – a feature that certainly will be appreciated by any gift recipients…

We now have two new Emergency Contact Information (ECI) tag products in addition to our popular ECI Card Kit, Military Style Pendant, and the Family Starter mini ECI Tag Kit and other products:

  • Our new ECI Charm Bracelet for ladies is extremely versatile thanks to its custom designed charms all of which are on lobster clasps – so they can be reconfigured in any combination and even transferred to an exiting favorite bracelet!   To get you started, we include a loop chain bracelet that adjusts to virtually any wrist,  ranging from grade school to college! Highly visible, functional and fun, while protecting the ones you love 7/24.
  • Our unisex, one-size-fits-all  ECI Wristband is designed for more demanding outdoor activities. Its secure velcro closure is adjustable from small wrists to full size wrists. The tough ECI information strip is kept in a secure pouch in the wristband and its clear, visible design calls the attention of first responders. Bicycling? Hiking? Climbing?  this tough wristband can take it!

NEW Property Recovery Tags: Gift bundles!
You asked us to offer “bundles” of our category leading “Recovery Tags” – so we now offer bundled producs, attractively priced with sizable discounts compared to purchasing components individually.  This makes sending an impressive gift pack easier than ever!

  • Savvy Traveler Starter Kit
    This kit contains our most popular tags purchased by new dynotaggers.  As an additional bonus, we include premium steel loops and snap hooks to help attach your new tags securely, right out of the package.
  • Deployment Tag Kit
    With contents identical to the “Savvy Traveler Kit” but with a new, stylish “Camo” pattern, these tags are ready for any outdoor enthusiast to put them to good use. With these military themed tags, you also support a good cause: Dynotag will donate 25% of profits from this product to anA+ rated veterans charity to thank our heroes for their service!
  • Savvy Traveler Gift Pack
    Perfect gift for a loved one – or yourself! A handsome white box containing an extensive selection of our recovery tags, and an ECI Card Kit, ready to fully deck the recipient out before travel!
  • Savvy Traveler ULTIMATE Gift Pack
    A deluxe assortment of our popular recovery tags, in a handsome  white box  including all tags from the “Deluxe” recovery line as well as several units of our standard recovery tags and an ECI Card Kit . If this does not get you a “Thank you!” note we don’t know what will…

All these products are shipping now, with Amazon Prime 2-day delivery to you and your loved ones!

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays!

Your friends at Dynotag


If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth dynotagging!™  

Back to School tips for Lost :(  and Found :)

This School Year, be prepared and recover your stuff with Dynotag!

As Summer memories fade, is it already time for the new school year.

With all the anxiety, new classes, new schoolmates and all, we might as well start a race to see who loses the most things!

Real lost&found corner from a school!

Lost & Found Offices overflowing with piles of coats, bags and gear – an all too familiar sight at schools of all sizes and grades, from kindergarten to colleges alike…

This year, use the Dynotag technology you trust to get out of the lost stuff race and recover your stuff.


Make it easy for teachers, office staff and your friends to quickly get in touch you when your stuff is found – thanks to the up-to-date recovery information in your dynotags attached to your belongings!

  • Our popular Luggage Tags are on duty 7/24 on thousands of luggage items around the world.
  • Our Tough Stickers securely attach to any clean, flat surface such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, lunch boxes and more…
  • Our Mini Tags should be on every key chain to help recover those hard-gotten keys…
  • Our Micro ZIpper Tags are great for coats, sports equipment and small gear such as cameras, wristlets and chargers.

And this season, we are introducing our colorful, new Emergency ID WristbandsLIFESTYLE WRISTBAND FLAT

Designed to be one-size-fits-all, these highly visible, easy to wear, velcro closure wristbands contain a tough, laminated special dynotag. 

You simply  activate and load any information that would be valuable for First Responders.




Easily adjusted to fit any wrist, be it a lumberjack or a grade schooler, they are sure to help your loved ones get proper assistance in their time of need.





As always, all our consumer tags come full-featured with lifetime GOLD level Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) subscription included, working for you 7/24 so you can use or gift them with confidence!



Lost 😦  and Found 🙂 ™

Protect the Ones You Love ™

Fun Travel. Good Times. No lost stuff!

Dig out of Winter,  smell the flowers and think of all the places you will go this travel season!

While visiting friends, flying over to your dream vacation, or just driving down to the beach with loved ones – remember to attach dynotags to your belongings so they can find their way back to you should you get separated.

Whether it is the car keys, that new spiffy tablet computer,  e-reader or luggage, we have a new line of dynotags to help protect your belongings in style!

In addition to our classic line of Tough Stickers, Mini Zipper tags, Kids T-Shirts and other cool products, we have designed a new line of fresh, good looking Luggage Tags and Mini Tags, perfect for your key rings, handbags and outdoor gear. For those of you who do not find QR codes pretty (you know who you are!),  we placed all the information, including the QR code on the reverse side of the tag, showing only the fun design in the front, like these “Memories”  Mini Tags:Memories Minitag

These handsome new tags appear as Color Variation Options under Luggage Tags and Keychain Tags. They are now in stock, ready for immediate delivery via Amazon Prime in the U.S.

Outside the U.S., they are available in the United Kingdom via  In Canada, check out – and note that our Canadian store ships internationally!

Why not get some for your luggage and gear before you step out to your next destination? They also make a great travel gift for loved ones!

Wishing you a wonderful Spring and safe travels!

Your friends at Dynotag…

Dynotag® Smart Tags: Tag your life!

Cityhopper Luggage Tags

CityHopper Mini Tags

Memories luggage tags

Memories Mini Tags

UP! Luggage Tag

UP! Mini Tags

Bumblebee Luggage Tags

Bumblebee Mini Tags

Find Me! Luggage Tags

Find Me! Mini Tags

And finally, the Waves design, available as luggage tags only.

Waves Luggage Tag
Waves Luggage Tags


Car keys are worth $300 or more? Dynotag QR Smart Tags can help…

Why and how do we lose our keys?

We leave them in cafes, they slip off our pocket as we get around or we just misplace them. Not only is it a major inconvenience but it can be very expensive to replace keys.

Various smart keys

As covered in this excellent article titled Why Losing Your Keys Could Cost As Much As Your Monthly Payment, “Smart keys can be anything but…” when it comes to replacing them. The final price is so high because the keys are custom and must be programmed by the dealership (just programming the key costs about $100-$200).

Even when the keys are not expensive, losing them is inconvenient because of the hassle of replacing them. Unlike cash, the keys in themselves are not of any value to whoever finds them. Sadly, there just is not any way to find the owner of the keys.

Some good samaritans go out of their way to to find the owner, be it keys or a violin. After all, many people are good samaritans and want to help others. Deep down we know if we don’t spend the smallest effort to help someone find their lost items, why should others do it for us?   This is why Lost & Found offices in transit centers, shopping centers, restaurants  and many other information booths are full of lost keys, wallets, bags, laptops  waiting for their owners in futile – and are auctioned off at the end.

But now, with Dynotag Smart Property Tags, it is easy to give our keychains and other gear a way to return home, conveniently and affordably. We enter as much information on the dynotag  as we want to share, update the information anytime using any web browser. Our information is secure as others can only read what we, the owner,  chose to share. Moreover, we get automatic notifications when our tag information is accessed, with precise location information when available!

Keychain with Mini Dynotag

For keys, Dynotag suggests sharing a cell number and an e-mail address, along with any reward information that you can update at any time. Utilizing patent pending technology, Dynotags simply are the most advanced smart tags in their category.

Made in the U.S. from tough synthetic material that is light, resilient and easily visible, dynotags are designed to last a lifetime on the gear they are attached.

Mini Tags go on keychains and gear while Luggage Tags offer the same functionality for larger gear.  Tough Stickers, which are water and weatherproof, work great on personal electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops – anything with a smooth flat surface…

Best of all, with dynotags, there is NO recurring subscription – lifetime subscription is included with every dynotag, as well as ample storage to keep your information.

For luggage and mini tags, one can get sets of identical tags using the same dynotag (great when one needs to share same generic information on every tag) –  or unique tags if distinct information is needed for every tag in the set.

A great gift for yourself or friends, Dynotag Smart Tags are available from and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Get one on your and your loved ones’ keychains today!

Dynotag Smart Tags: Never Lose Anything!™