Car keys are worth $300 or more? Dynotag QR Smart Tags can help…

Why and how do we lose our keys?

We leave them in cafes, they slip off our pocket as we get around or we just misplace them. Not only is it a major inconvenience but it can be very expensive to replace keys.

Various smart keys

As covered in this excellent article titled Why Losing Your Keys Could Cost As Much As Your Monthly Payment, “Smart keys can be anything but…” when it comes to replacing them. The final price is so high because the keys are custom and must be programmed by the dealership (just programming the key costs about $100-$200).

Even when the keys are not expensive, losing them is inconvenient because of the hassle of replacing them. Unlike cash, the keys in themselves are not of any value to whoever finds them. Sadly, there just is not any way to find the owner of the keys.

Some good samaritans go out of their way to to find the owner, be it keys or a violin. After all, many people are good samaritans and want to help others. Deep down we know if we don’t spend the smallest effort to help someone find their lost items, why should others do it for us?   This is why Lost & Found offices in transit centers, shopping centers, restaurants  and many other information booths are full of lost keys, wallets, bags, laptops  waiting for their owners in futile – and are auctioned off at the end.

But now, with Dynotag Smart Property Tags, it is easy to give our keychains and other gear a way to return home, conveniently and affordably. We enter as much information on the dynotag  as we want to share, update the information anytime using any web browser. Our information is secure as others can only read what we, the owner,  chose to share. Moreover, we get automatic notifications when our tag information is accessed, with precise location information when available!

Keychain with Mini Dynotag

For keys, Dynotag suggests sharing a cell number and an e-mail address, along with any reward information that you can update at any time. Utilizing patent pending technology, Dynotags simply are the most advanced smart tags in their category.

Made in the U.S. from tough synthetic material that is light, resilient and easily visible, dynotags are designed to last a lifetime on the gear they are attached.

Mini Tags go on keychains and gear while Luggage Tags offer the same functionality for larger gear.  Tough Stickers, which are water and weatherproof, work great on personal electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops – anything with a smooth flat surface…

Best of all, with dynotags, there is NO recurring subscription – lifetime subscription is included with every dynotag, as well as ample storage to keep your information.

For luggage and mini tags, one can get sets of identical tags using the same dynotag (great when one needs to share same generic information on every tag) –  or unique tags if distinct information is needed for every tag in the set.

A great gift for yourself or friends, Dynotag Smart Tags are available from and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Get one on your and your loved ones’ keychains today!

Dynotag Smart Tags: Never Lose Anything!™