Dynotag Releases Short Movie Introducing Uses of QR Code Smart Tags

Dynotag has released the light-hearted, informational cartoon “telestration” movie titled “Dynotag IT!“.

The movie features protagonists caveman Oog, cavegirl Eev and their lovable dog “Mine” chronicling the evolution of labels from the stone age to 21st century.
During their journey, they discover the amazing capabilities of dynotag labeling technology in contrast to other labeling techniques.

The movie itself is sprinkled with real dynotag QR Smart Tag codes used by the protagonists and various labeling applications they sample.  These “Easter Egg” dynotags are scannable, real dynotags themselves placed as a fun exercise for the viewers.

Dynotag offers these amazing labeling capabilities to anyone opening a free dynotag account at dynotag.com.   Users can create as many free dynotag labels as they need. All label content is hosted by dynotag forever – or until its owner removes it.

Dynotag has been publishing this and other informational videos at the “Dynotag Tube” channel hosted by YouTube.

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