Dynotag voted “Best Inexpensive Luggage Tracking Tag”

Dynotag Smart Tags top the rankings for most capable & affordable property tags once again!

Founded in 2011, to perform independent tech reviews, Ezvid Wiki was the world’s first video wiki, and is now among the top 4,000 websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel alone has over 100,000 subscribers.

The Wiki does not accept any paid sponsorships from brands so the reviews are unbiased.

Dynotag IDKIT-070 has achieved a rank of #2 in for 2016’s best luggage trackers and is a  top choice for inexpensive luggage trackers!

Compiled with thirty-two hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published in their luggage category, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of luggage tracker options available to consumers in the United States.

The rankings review can be viewed here:  https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-luggage-trackers

New from Dynotag, just in time for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season!

We love hearing back from our users and are constantly inspired by your ideas and suggestions.  Based on your feedback and requests, we have been busy developing new products, now available for immediate delivery via the Amazon Prime program!

Dynotag now has the most comprehensive line of Smart Tag products with a solid track record and fanatical customer support for our global user base. All Dynotag products feature industry leading features and capabilities – and come with ample tag storage and lifetime support, NO subscription needed – a feature that certainly will be appreciated by any gift recipients…

We now have two new Emergency Contact Information (ECI) tag products in addition to our popular ECI Card Kit, Military Style Pendant, and the Family Starter mini ECI Tag Kit and other products:

  • Our new ECI Charm Bracelet for ladies is extremely versatile thanks to its custom designed charms all of which are on lobster clasps – so they can be reconfigured in any combination and even transferred to an exiting favorite bracelet!   To get you started, we include a loop chain bracelet that adjusts to virtually any wrist,  ranging from grade school to college! Highly visible, functional and fun, while protecting the ones you love 7/24.
  • Our unisex, one-size-fits-all  ECI Wristband is designed for more demanding outdoor activities. Its secure velcro closure is adjustable from small wrists to full size wrists. The tough ECI information strip is kept in a secure pouch in the wristband and its clear, visible design calls the attention of first responders. Bicycling? Hiking? Climbing?  this tough wristband can take it!

NEW Property Recovery Tags: Gift bundles!
You asked us to offer “bundles” of our category leading “Recovery Tags” – so we now offer bundled producs, attractively priced with sizable discounts compared to purchasing components individually.  This makes sending an impressive gift pack easier than ever!

  • Savvy Traveler Starter Kit
    This kit contains our most popular tags purchased by new dynotaggers.  As an additional bonus, we include premium steel loops and snap hooks to help attach your new tags securely, right out of the package.
  • Deployment Tag Kit
    With contents identical to the “Savvy Traveler Kit” but with a new, stylish “Camo” pattern, these tags are ready for any outdoor enthusiast to put them to good use. With these military themed tags, you also support a good cause: Dynotag will donate 25% of profits from this product to anA+ rated veterans charity to thank our heroes for their service!
  • Savvy Traveler Gift Pack
    Perfect gift for a loved one – or yourself! A handsome white box containing an extensive selection of our recovery tags, and an ECI Card Kit, ready to fully deck the recipient out before travel!
  • Savvy Traveler ULTIMATE Gift Pack
    A deluxe assortment of our popular recovery tags, in a handsome  white box  including all tags from the “Deluxe” recovery line as well as several units of our standard recovery tags and an ECI Card Kit . If this does not get you a “Thank you!” note we don’t know what will…

All these products are shipping now, with Amazon Prime 2-day delivery to you and your loved ones!

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays!

Your friends at Dynotag


If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth dynotagging!™  

Dynotag Releases Short Movie Introducing Uses of QR Code Smart Tags

Dynotag has released the light-hearted, informational cartoon “telestration” movie titled “Dynotag IT!“.

The movie features protagonists caveman Oog, cavegirl Eev and their lovable dog “Mine” chronicling the evolution of labels from the stone age to 21st century.
During their journey, they discover the amazing capabilities of dynotag labeling technology in contrast to other labeling techniques.

The movie itself is sprinkled with real dynotag QR Smart Tag codes used by the protagonists and various labeling applications they sample.  These “Easter Egg” dynotags are scannable, real dynotags themselves placed as a fun exercise for the viewers.

Dynotag offers these amazing labeling capabilities to anyone opening a free dynotag account at dynotag.com.   Users can create as many free dynotag labels as they need. All label content is hosted by dynotag forever – or until its owner removes it.

Dynotag has been publishing this and other informational videos at the “Dynotag Tube” channel hosted by YouTube.

You can subscribe to this blog, dynotag’s Facebook Page at http://facebook.com/dynotag and/or tweets of “dynotag” for timely notifications of new content.

QR Codes Give Small Businesses an Edge in Marketing

More and more we are seeing QR codes pop up around us: on billboards, in store windows, and on merchandise.

A recent study by the research group Comscore indicates that smartphone users are on the rise.  In one month, upwards of 14 million consumers will scan at least one QR code with their phone.  Over half of those consumers will be between the ages of 18 and 44, and men at 25% more likely to scan than women.

Dynotag can help small businesses contact with these potential customers through its free Internet-enabled QR Smart Tag technology.  A dynotag is a QR code that you own and have complete, free access to.  This dynotag serves as an initial touch point to grab the attention of potential customers, and it can be a small business’ secret marketing weapon: pique the curiosity of your customer and you can use the power of marketing pull to direct them into whatever content you choose. You can use the dynotag to send the customer to your mobile site, a coupon, or a call-to-action campaign.

Effective display of your dynotag can include in-store signs, merchandise, or window signs to attract passersby, and you have the ability to put it on your business card or company Christmas card.

Dynotag has a collection of products which enable you to reach your customer at every point of interaction.  Visit dynotag.com to learn more about using Dynotag to increase your marketing reach. Create a free account and add as many free dynotags as you need to get hands-on experience with this effective new tool to engage customers!

Dynotag QR Code Smart Tags: Luggage Tags 2.0

 Between airports, trains, and hotels, our luggage is as well-traveled as we are.  Standing by a luggage carousel, watching a line of suitcases wind past is an experience that induces stress and paranoia in even the most seasoned travelers.

On a Christmas cruise to the Eastern Carribbean, Houston natives Richard and Cathy Schauffler used Dynotag luggage tags and mini tags to break the mold and label their luggage with unique dynotags.

“The tags have our contact information, so if they were lost or mixed up with someone else’s luggage, we would have had a much easier time getting them back,” says Cathy.  “Plus, the luggage tags are distinct so we could find our luggage really fast.”

Anyone who has lost their luggage, gym bag, or laptop understands the importance of accurately labeling your stuff.  Sometimes luggage doesn’t make a connection, laptop bags are accidentally switched, and gym bags can get lost in the shuffle.  Dynotags are a savvy way to label your stuff and update your information as it changes.

A dynotag is a label that uses Internet-enabled QR Smart Tag technology to store information about the tag owner.  Users can upload an unlimited amount of data to the tag, and the tag can be edited for free for the lifetime of the product.

Visit Dynotag’s Amazon storefront to see the collection of dynotags.


Law Firm Using Dynotags to Track Keys in Seattle

Alison Harris, a receptionist at a downtown, Seattle law firm, is using Dynotag technology to track the firm’s mail keys.

After dropping the mail keys down an elevator shaft, leaving them behind at a restaurant, and locking herself out of the mailroom, Alison decided it was time to label the keys.

“The secretary staff loses the keys on a regular basis.  I dropped them down an elevator shaft and another secretary left them at Starbucks.  The post office takes days to replace lost keys, so I needed to label the keys before they were lost again.”

Dynotag was the solution.  Alison saw a colleague using dynotag stickers to label her cell phone, iPod , and car keys and thought that QR technology would be a great way to label the mail keys.

“So many Seattle people have smartphones and if someone found the keys at the dry cleaners or the coffee shop, it would be so easy for him to scan the code and see the firm’s contact information.  Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the dynotag has a url on it so you can just look it up on your computer.”

Alison is using a keychain dynotag to label the mail keys, and she is using a built-in security feature to protect the information included on the tag.

“Confidentiality is really important to the firm, so I am using the PIN code on the tag to protect the firm’s name and contact information.  Only someone with physical access to the keys will see our contact information.”

“I can’t guarantee that I won’t lose the keys again, but I feel much better about using Dynotag to keep track of them,” jokes Alison.  “Let’s hope I don’t drop them down the elevator again, but if I do, the maintenance guy will be able to find us!”

Dynotag uses internet-enabled QR Smart Tag technology to help you label and track your stuff.  Visit Dynotag’s Amazon storefront for see the Dynotag collection.


Rescue Dog Stays Close to Home With Dynotag QR Smart Tag Technology

Bingley !

Pet owners now have the opportunity to use QR codes to track their lost pet through Dynotag and its free QR code technology.  Dynotag generates a free QR code, or a dynotag, which gives the user the freedom to label their belongings as well as a variety of other information sharing uses.

Pet owner Katherine Foust is using Dynotag’s free QR SmartTag technology to keep track of her rescue poodle, Bingley.  She has uploaded emergency contact information onto the pet tag dynotag so anyone who finds Bingley can easily contact her.

“He is usually right by my side, but if I ever lose him, I know the dynotag on his collar will give me a better shot at finding him…” says Katherine.

Anyone who find Bingley will be able to scan the pet tag with a smartphone or enter the url on the back of the dynotag into an internet browser.  The tag will then connect to a webpage that houses Katherine’s contact information and information about Bingley.

“This is such a technically savvy form of pet identification, andit is a non-invasive way of making his identification available to whoever finds him.  Typically vets microchip animals as a way of tracking them, but I don’t like the idea of injecting a device into his body.  This is absolutely the best option for humane pet identification.” adds Katherine.

Beyond pet identification, Katherine is using the Dynotag to have fun, changing the content to add a photo album of good times with Bingley last year, adding a holiday greeting during the holidays – effectively using the tag as a billboard of fun information related to Bingley as well as an emergency information tag. The ability to host a virtually unlimited amount of information ranging from text to photos to a scrapbook is a feature unique to Dynotags, one Bingley is putting to good use!

Katherine is very happy with her purchase and has given several dynotags to her friends.  “People stop me at the park and ask me about it.  The thought of losing your pet is scary, but Dynotag is the best chance you have at controlling a scary situation and putting the odds in your favor…” she adds.

Dynotag has many other products to help users simplify their lives.  Visit Dynotag’s Amazon storefront to discover the Dynotag collection.

 In the meantime, if you spot Bingley having fun in a Seattle park, do scan his dynotag to see what he has been up to!…




Surfer Does Not Take Chances, Uses dynotag QR Code Smart Tags to Mark His Gear!

As evidenced by his video scrapbook, Don Ledford, a native of Seattle area has been an avid surfer for years.

When it’s calm, he’s on his SUP, when it’s windy, he cracks the Windsurf gear out. When the waves are promising, surfboards are retrieved from the big Sprinter van, which serves as a moving dedicated equipment storage for Ledford.

As much fun as water sports are, the sea (or lake) occasionally claims a toll by claiming equipment such as paddles, gloves, hats, even a surfboard on occasion.

“Given the considerable expense of the equipment and all the accessories, it would be awesome to get them back” says Ledford, who cannot remember the count of all the stuff he has lost over the years.

“Even if someone finds it, they don’t know who to call to come get it” he continued.

That is when tagging his equipment occurred to him. That way, at least when someone finds the missing glove, paddle or board,  they’ll be able to contact Don and arrange for the lost equipment to find its way back home.

However, what to tag the equipment with?

Almost all equipment used in watersports gets exposed to extreme conditions like sun, salt, abrasion. Things either wear off or just get eroded away.

That’s when Don decided to try Dynotag’s “Internet Enabled QR Code Smart Mini Tags”.

Upon receiving them Don activated the tags with his contact information then applied them to his valued equipment, using wowen nylon strings in most cases…

The minitag is easy to secure on the board...
The minitag is easy to secure on the board…
A closer look at the tag on the board
Nice job attaching the tag. Visible yet out of the way…

“I like these little tags have a short web address for my info., as well as the QR Code” says Ledford. “Not everyone has a smartphone that can read QR Codes but pretty much everyone knows how to visit a web address” he added.  Ledford has a whole set of boards for all water sports imaginable, and he has tagged them all!. “It took just a few minutes to do them all” he says. Certainly a worthy investment for the peace of mind.

Nice board, now with a dynotag!
Another nice board with its new dynotag…


After several weeks of use, Don is pleased with the tags, which appear to take the abuse well.

We’ll see which one will last longer, the tags or the surfboards.   Stay tuned for an update in a few months!

In the meantime, to see how dynotag can help you mark your belongings and share information in a variety of ways, visit dynotag’s Amazon store and check out the collection of ready-to-use dynotag enabled goods.  As always, you can create all the dynotags you need at no cost by opening a free dynotag.com account.


Dynotag Smart Tag™ QR codes used at Seattle Cultural Festival reveals trends.

This paper is available in PDF form in a dynotag itself: https://dynotag.com/mael

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dynotag Smart Tag™ QR codes used at Seattle Cultural Festival reveals trends.

Turkfest 2011 is one of a series of cultural events held in the Seattle Center. This year’s event took place on October 15-16 in the Seattle Center House

About 60 dynotags were used for the festival.

For main stage activities held during the two days of the festival, 30 dynotags were printed in poster format, in chronological order, describing each event, such as this one. These sheets were then bound as a poster size (2×3 ft) flip chart of dynotag QR images and simply removed one at a time as the events progressed on the center stage.

Additionally, 60 more 8.5x11inch letter size dynotags were created in “retail” mode, which enables printing of unbounded placeholder dynotags ahead of time – and bind them to a real dynotag later on, as needed. This made it possible to walk around on the show floor, armed with an iPad2 and a stack of pre-printed dynotag sheets such as this one.  We visited booths and festival desks to create purpose specific dynotag sheet right on the spot, typically in less than a minute.

Because owners of dynotags have instant access to usage statistics and individual access records of all their tags, we were able to tally the tag statistics soon after the festival concluded.

The rankings of the top 30 tags are as follows.

Rank % Dynotag address Contents overview

1 21.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/BT Events Program (multiple instances of same dynotag is posted)

2 14.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/L748 Dynotag QR on event poster dynotag on event poster

3 13.9% dynotag.com/TF2011/CJ Pasha Grill  (food booth, outside venue)

4 12.7% dynotag.com/L448 Event Description, used in brochures

5 5.8% dynotag.com/TF2011/CD Goodies Med Market  (booth)

6 4.9% dynotag.com/TF2011/N Anadolu Youth Dancers

7 4.6% dynotag.com/TF2011/BA Turkish Coffee  (booth)

8 4.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/A Anadolu Folk Dancers

9 3.8% dynotag.com/TF2011/B9 TACCI  (booth)

10 3.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/CB Cultural Links USA  (booth)

11 2.6% dynotag.com/TF2011/DA Midye Dolma Recipe (Ms. Pinar Ozhal’s booth)

12 2.3% dynotag.com/TF2011/M Sehr-iSeattle

13 2.3% dynotag.com/TF2011/C Black Sea Dances by Anadolu Folk Dancers

14 2.3% dynotag.com/TF2011/BC Byblos Deli  (booth)

15 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/CL What is simit  (booth)

16 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/C4 Coffee Fortune Telling (booth)

17 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/BE Filiz Kocoglu  (booth)

18 2.0% dynotag.com/TF2011/B7 UW Turkic Studies  (booth)

19 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/P Turkish Folk Dances: Troupe de Soleil

20 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/L Folk Dances from Edirne, Thrace

21 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/H Ahmet Erdogdular Ensemble

22 1.7% dynotag.com/TF2011/CR Shirvan Rugs  (booth)

23 1.4% dynotag.com/TF2011/CF Pacific Science Center Private Events  (booth)

24 1.4% dynotag.com/TF2011/4 Anadolu Youth Dancers (different event)

25 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/K Bulgarian Folk Music: Group Alexander Eppler

26 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/E Zeybek Dance

27 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/CX Turkish Philantrophy Fund  (booth)

28 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/AC Songs from Azerbaijan

29 1.2% dynotag.com/TF2011/A8 Belly Dancing by Asiya Nourouz

30 0.9% dynotag.com/TF2011/X Turkish Cultural Foundation (booth)

The results confirm some common sense expectations as well as revealing interesting characteristics of strategic placement of  dynotags impressions across the show floor.

Not surprisingly, #1 dynotag is the “Events Program”. People had been interested in finding out what show is coming on when  – and we had half a dozen copies of the event program posted near entrances and show floor display panels.

Same with #2  – the dynotag on the event poster had been published before the show so those impressions were collected for a longer time period.

#3 is an interesting one. This dynotag image was posted in the food area outside the Center House building and long lines formed during the peak lunch period. This dynotag was scanned considerably more often than other booths partially it presented the opportunity to scan it while people were waiting in line. Lesson: Placement  of the dynotag image is key.

#4 is a description of the festival event used in the brochures printed prior to the event, so it had a longer time to collect impressions.

#5 Goodies Mediterranean Market had excellent corner booth placement and a large variety of food with free samples, etc. – so they had quite a buzz going throughout the event.

The remaining events tag rankings are in line with expectations, providing a mosaic of the better-received festival shows and booth presentations.

All the tag links shown in the table are genuine addresses for those dynotags – so you can peek into them while reading this document.

Dynotags were well received at the show by a wide demographic of users.  While many smartphone owners were comfortable scanning the dynotag QR images, several others learned about how to use this neat capability on their smartphones.

The vendors exhibiting at the booths were very pleased with the functionality and the ease of deploying a dynotag sheet for their office.  Many vendors took the dynotag sheets to use at their businesses after the festival.

We are expecting to sponsor events like this throughout the country and overseas.

As QR code use continues to boom – we expect event planners and vendors to become more comfortable with using the free Dynotag Smart Tag™ service, giving them flexibility, convenience and eliminating unnecessary material printing costs. Furthermore, real-time dynotag usage data sheds light into what asset placement works and which messages promote  customer interest, helping the dynotag owner to dynamically adjust content to achieve best possible outcome.

With dynotag, applications are limited by your imagination only and there are as many small business use cases as there are personal use cases.

More use cases and templates will be available via help.dynotag.com over time.