Law Firm Using Dynotags to Track Keys in Seattle

Alison Harris, a receptionist at a downtown, Seattle law firm, is using Dynotag technology to track the firm’s mail keys.

After dropping the mail keys down an elevator shaft, leaving them behind at a restaurant, and locking herself out of the mailroom, Alison decided it was time to label the keys.

“The secretary staff loses the keys on a regular basis.  I dropped them down an elevator shaft and another secretary left them at Starbucks.  The post office takes days to replace lost keys, so I needed to label the keys before they were lost again.”

Dynotag was the solution.  Alison saw a colleague using dynotag stickers to label her cell phone, iPod , and car keys and thought that QR technology would be a great way to label the mail keys.

“So many Seattle people have smartphones and if someone found the keys at the dry cleaners or the coffee shop, it would be so easy for him to scan the code and see the firm’s contact information.  Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the dynotag has a url on it so you can just look it up on your computer.”

Alison is using a keychain dynotag to label the mail keys, and she is using a built-in security feature to protect the information included on the tag.

“Confidentiality is really important to the firm, so I am using the PIN code on the tag to protect the firm’s name and contact information.  Only someone with physical access to the keys will see our contact information.”

“I can’t guarantee that I won’t lose the keys again, but I feel much better about using Dynotag to keep track of them,” jokes Alison.  “Let’s hope I don’t drop them down the elevator again, but if I do, the maintenance guy will be able to find us!”

Dynotag uses internet-enabled QR Smart Tag technology to help you label and track your stuff.  Visit Dynotag’s Amazon storefront for see the Dynotag collection.